2015 Budget

(calendar year)

Fountain City Lease                $        1.00

Travel Reimbursement            $7,000.00

Communications Outreach    $2,000.00

Publications                             $2,000.00

TOTAL                                    $11001.00

Budget Process – Adopted April 2015

I. New Association of Friends (NAF) Budget

a. The NAF Nominating Committee will seek 4-5 representatives to serve on a Finance Committee.
b. This committee will be responsible for developing a budget and presenting it before the fall business meeting of the NAF on an annual (calendar year) basis.
c. This budget should reflect the goals and objectives approved by NAF Steering Committee in itsspring meeting for the following calendar year.
d. NAF Committees or Monthly Meetings may bring budget requests either to the FinanceCommittee or to the NAF as a body. Wherever the requests originate, they will be considered by the Steering Committee and the business meeting of the NAF before becoming policy and being integrated into the budget.

II. Special Appeals

Given the goal of maintaining a “lean” budget for the NAF, there may be special projects that the NAF wishes to take on outside of the regular budget. Committees or Monthly Meetings may bring proposals to the NAF Steering Committee for consideration. Should the Steering Committee so recommend, such proposals would be brought before the next NAF business meeting. Should the business meeting approve a proposal, an ad hoc committee should be formed to oversee the collection and distribution of the funds in cooperation with the NAF Treasurer.

Proposal Guidelines
Committees or Monthly Meetings should address the following questions in any proposal:
- What process has the Committee or Meeting completed to come to clarity on the need for the request?
- Is the Committee/Meeting requesting a grant or a loan from the NAF?
- Has the Committee/Meeting explored other funding sources?
- What is the total cost of the project and what portion is the request from the NAF?
- What portion will come from the Committee/Meeting or other sources?
- What is the urgency of the need?
- What is the timeframe for the project?
- How will the Committee/Meeting be involved in raising funds?
- Is this request for the benefit of the NAF as a whole or for an individual meeting or meetings?
- Is the request for financial support only or will in-kind contributions (such as service hours) from the NAF be helpful, as well?
- How will the Committee/Meeting report back to the NAF and in what timeframe?